Monday, July 1, 2013

July - Half way there, or not

As you know I have set out several goals broken out by month and today is July 1.

One of my goals is to run 750 miles. I am getting there, but am not 50% there yet.

I am however at 43%. And I have decided to take that as a victory. Even 500 miles a year would have been a stretch goal for me a short time ago, so 650 or 700 or hopefully 750 will be great. Something to be proud of. As I am headed into a training cycle for two half marathons, my mileage will be headed back in the upward direction. Last month was 28.7 and this month was 40.1.

So while today was another tough day at work and sometimes things seem like they are never going to work out, I am convinced putting one foot in front of the other has to work at some point.

So this morning was another start, I had run Saturday and Sunday, but today was a bootcamp day. I set my alarm, got up and saw it wasn't raining. (there is no excuse any longer as it has rained so much we have the church on backup) So off I went. And it was good.

Did you start your month out right?