Sunday, April 4, 2010


So what I decided to do with my found time on Thursday was to go home and get my son to run with me on a local trail. I suspected my daughter might want to come along, but I planned (and succeeded to leave her at the playground on the way with grandma).  What I didn't count on was my son getting tired. Ugh, I did run 10 minutes, but then couldn't keep it up with waiting for him and jogging in place. We covered 2 miles total, so it wasn't a total loss. Ran some intervals racing him to various milestones. I did run my 25 minutes on Friday and felt pretty good. Sat and Sun were spent with my mother in law visiting, so no work outs. We did walk 3 miles today downtown touristing. Food hasn't been completely on base, but I did make Ham, Asperagus and couscous for Easter dinner. Course that followed a large slice of cheesecake I had at a friend's house on Sat night. Been losing weight - weighed in at 158! Why does the scale only treat me right the week of TOM? I just move between 2-3 weights the rest of the month. SO Frustrating! This week I am at an offsite training class, which will be a challenge. They have breakfast and snacks each day for the students.
Are you running towards your 100 miles this week?!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

So begins the weekend

No, not an April Fool's joke here. Due to the large amounts of snow and craziness of the school schedule the central office folk are being given the Friday of Spring Break off to make up for working President's day. Whatever, but let me tell you - the weather is FINE here in DC, so much better then Feb - I'll take it.

So here is my problem. It's a running day. I have been REALLY good about running every other day (notice I didn't say jogging? I am practicing for the real thing) - but as you know I SUCK at running outdoors. Do I say doesn't matter, get out there and do what you can or go the safe route and finish my 25 minutes in the gym where I know I can? *sigh* plus I have a headache. Nonetheless, my MIL is here for the holiday, so there will be drinking involved this weekend and I need to get on the stick. So torn....