Sunday, April 4, 2010


So what I decided to do with my found time on Thursday was to go home and get my son to run with me on a local trail. I suspected my daughter might want to come along, but I planned (and succeeded to leave her at the playground on the way with grandma).  What I didn't count on was my son getting tired. Ugh, I did run 10 minutes, but then couldn't keep it up with waiting for him and jogging in place. We covered 2 miles total, so it wasn't a total loss. Ran some intervals racing him to various milestones. I did run my 25 minutes on Friday and felt pretty good. Sat and Sun were spent with my mother in law visiting, so no work outs. We did walk 3 miles today downtown touristing. Food hasn't been completely on base, but I did make Ham, Asperagus and couscous for Easter dinner. Course that followed a large slice of cheesecake I had at a friend's house on Sat night. Been losing weight - weighed in at 158! Why does the scale only treat me right the week of TOM? I just move between 2-3 weights the rest of the month. SO Frustrating! This week I am at an offsite training class, which will be a challenge. They have breakfast and snacks each day for the students.
Are you running towards your 100 miles this week?!

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