Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Late for Bed

Sleep is the #1 thing to get in the way of my morning workouts. I am trying very hard to get in the morning habit because it suits the life with two active kids and a crazy schedule. 5:40 comes early for me though. (i.e. it is 10:45 PM now and I am having email conversations with 2 work people) I am dedicated to making June work for me. To do that I need to alter my evening schedule. Problem? My kids are staying up later then ever, squeezing what I am used to be able to accomplish at night into an increasingly shorter window. Plus the bad TV I would love to be able to enjoy.

June 4/Day 4 - made it to boot camp this morning and ran 2 miles this evening. So far I have run all 4 days this month. That may not sound like a lot (and it isn't - yesterday I ran 1 mile at a faster then usual pace to prove I could) but it has been hot here and any number of other excuses could have been at the ready. Even though I "already worked out" today, I still took the opportunity to run. I knew it would take me a little less then 30 minutes and I have bootcamp in the morning, so no one will care if I am sweaty tonight. This morning I ran a set of stadium stairs for the first time. Love going up, going down makes me all kids of awkward. What is up with that?

What are you doing to make this month different? Its not too late!

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