Thursday, February 25, 2010

Seriously now!

ok, I am perhaps not the poster child for best food choices (see 2 rice krispy rock walls in 2 weeks time) but this menu is ridiculous!  Fried Cauliflower? Really, what did that dear sweet veggie due to deserve that? UGH! This is where my mom's group has decided to have dinner tonight. I am wondering what to do. Eat before and just have a salad there? Try the grilled chicken, which based on the rest of the menu is sure to be torpedoed with something bad in it, and frankly doesn't sound great. The best offense would be to do some research and suggest another place, but I don't have time to do that right now. (much more important to whine about it, right?)
On top of my dinner challenge, my body has been playing cruel and unusual tricks on me. Well maybe not so unusual, but that would be depressing. I was an amazing 165.5 on Monday - what?! you got that right, but today am weighing in at a much more respectable 162. What happened? no idea. really. not a clue. I have been eating better this week, but at the same time, other weeks see a similar (although not as startling a starting weight) up and down movement. I think this is why I am not in favor of the 1 week weigh in. What if I had been carrying the thought of that 165 with me all week. Motivating or defeatism? could be either, depends on the week with me. Essentially, to tie this all together. I am not in the mood to squander my 162 on carnival funnell cake - despite it being my MOST favorite fair food. Good thing is that it is so related to the fair or the beach in my head that I can't imagine eating one INSIDE, sitting in a restaurant! So food sucks, company is good and very much craved for. What to do?

Off to search the internet for a restarant before my next meeting!

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