Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So many things to catch up on this week.
First- I ended the week at 160. yes 160. 5 lbs in 1 weeks. Did I really lose 5 lbs in one week - no way! but that is what my body told the scale. Let's just say the three of us are not in a circle of trust. So far this week I have bounced from 160.5 to 161. That I will take. Let's not see 165 again!!
Second - I had a coupon from a personal training place for 3 free workouts. Well of course I was going to take them up on that. So I started on Monday, have a session at lunch today and am squeezing in the last one on Friday despite my crazy week. First was was good. I felt like I worked out, but didn't see that it was much different then a good session at the rec center. Which by the way I plan to talk to and see what their personal trainer run. I am still all over the place with a plan, but I am working out, so that is the point right? Anyways this place sells 20 and 40 visit packages, averaging about 65-69 dollars per visit. That was a big number to see in writing. I just don't think I am there at this point in time (see kitchen designs) and with the warm weather coming, there will be a) more time issues b) more things to do outside. So not looking forward to that conversation, but maybe next winter.
Third - veggies. My DH is great in that he plans and shops for all the food for dinners.  We eat out pretty rarely, so this isn't a small feat. We do our best to expose the kids to food they will eat, but isn't kid food. We cook out of the weight watchers cookbooks quite a bit, but let's face it a little distorted portions and it doesn't matter if it is weight watchers or not. Anyways to my point. I did the shopping this week - good things too, cause he had forgotten quite a bit. Anyways, I am trying to bring new veggie options into the house. Few weeks ago I did Speghetti Squash, and this week I did cauliflower. First dinner I just steamed it. he didn't want any. :) Last night I got crazy and made cauliflower mash by adding milk, butter and a small amount of instant potato flakes. It wasn't really mash (I should have steamed the cf instead of boiling it) but it was still good. P declared it tasted like ice cream! ha! H didn't like it, but tried it, which is the rule around these parts.
Fourth - C25K progress. So far so good, except for my fail last night. I was to run Week 3, Day 2 and didn't feel like getting to the rec center after putting the kids to bed. I had seen that some people do it on the elliptical, so I thought I would try that. Fail. period, end of sentance. I was on it for 38 minutes (more then the 20 minutes of running) but didn't feel like anything other then an elliptical workout. blah. Plan is to run again on Thursday and if I get through it ok, I am just going to move on. how's that?
Fifth - MAJOR nacho craving last night. resisted. Almost stopped on the way up to bed to grab 2 girl scout cookies, resisted. applauding right? well I had red licorice and sweet tarts in the office, so it wasn't a completely sweet free day. I have a feeling those nachos will be happening before the week end though.

wow - that didn't take as long as I thought. So much going on in my head, but it doesn't always make it to the blog. make good decisions today. Don't worry about yesterday or tomorrow.

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