Monday, March 22, 2010

Gearing up

Today is my 20 minute run.  I have been focused on water all morning long and now have to go to the bathroom way more then normal - but at least I am getting up from my desk. It is raining outside, so this is definately a treadmill day. eating wasn't horrible, but wasn't great this weekend - mostly the carrot cake Sat night - blah. I cut back on almonds - because while good for you, I could eat them all day long! Feeling very full right now, but I plan to head to the rec center in about 3 hours, so should be good to go. I am working on a positive attitude for this run.
No 30 day shred this weekend as I have family in town and taking up the family room to get all sweaty is just not a hospitable option at the moment.
Wish me luck!

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