Monday, March 8, 2010

Status March 8, 2010

well after a fantastic week the end of Feb, I have managed to keep stable. In some ways that is a victory, but I was a little disappointed since I worked with a personal trainer or was running my Week 3 of the C25K plan all week. (Saturday was my rest day) Thursday and Friday I went a little over board on my snacks and had alcohol, so that could be the difference. That being said I want to eat and drink in a way that is sustainable. Leave the "dieting" to the boring weekdays when nothing exciting is going on. Take this week for example, no evening plans at all.

100 mile challenge - (2/26-3/5) 17 miles for a total of 134 to date. I doubt I will make it to 200 by the end of March (it will be close), but have been continuing to move!
Weight has been from 160-161. So my fears of shooting back up to 165 seem to be just that, fears.

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