Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Family Meet the Artichoke

So this week's veggie was artichokes. I didn't really think the kids would go for it, so I only bought 3 at the store on Sunday. I decided to cook them tonight since we were just have sausage and potatoes. Boiled them up and taught everyone how to eat them. Well they were somewhat of a hit. I have to say I was surprised, but everyone dug in and kept at it. I was so proud!

Yesterday I didn't work out (Sat was a rest day- so I definately wasn't due!) but I wasn't feeling great and decided to just take a break. A slippery slope, but I did manage to get dressed and go for a "run". I say that because I didn't run all of Week 4 Day 2. I did day 1 fine on the treadmill, but outside seemed harder for some reason. It was so nice out, it seemed a shame to spend money on going to the rec center, but I am not feeling good about the results.
Tomorrow is a new day.

I have not lost any weight since my giant loss, so that is discouraging, but you never know when another breakthough will come. I have a cute bag waiting for me in 5 more pounds!

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