Monday, March 8, 2010

Personal Trainer

Personal training seems like a good fit for me. I have to make an appointment - so someone is waiting for me. There is someone to do the thinking/counting for me - which I am convinced as to why I didn't complete the C25K challenge previously and I sweat. All good things. My Wednesday workout was focused around boxing, which I have wanted to try. It was "hard" in that I couldn't complete the reps, but it did make me sweat and I liked the trainer. Friday's workout was with another new trainer (they have 4 at this place) and it introduced me to kettle bells. He had me to a circuit of 4 exercises - some kind of body lift, squats, kettle bell swing and ellipical. 15 reps, 12 reps and then 9 reps. Kettlebell killed me. Other then that I was fine. However, I felt this workout the most the next day. I had to keep the obligitory sell session on Friday and gave the owner some feedback she didn't seem to happy to hear. Basically I didn't feel like my sessions ever hit the 45 minute mark. If I was paying over 60.00 a session, I would have been more aggressive about it, but I thought she should know. Yea, didn't take that well. Hrm, might have to rethink my decision to go there next fall once the weather starts to cool off.

Overall though, I felt like I had a good experience, but maybe wasn't pushed very hard. It is a little hard to guage because I had a new trainer each time and I am sure they don't go hard core on the newbies as to not scare them off. At this point I am thinking I will look into the rec center and what they have to offer.

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