Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to Work

Well the holidays are officially over! Of course the aftermath is sitting in bowls on the counter, mostly candy from the family stockings. It has about 3 more days before I move it all into the pantry, where I usually forget about it. 
Goals for today
1. Water - Didn't do so great, but have had 2 large mugs of tea this evening, so am getting back on the water wheel.
2. Couch to 5k - I slogged the week 4, day 1 run and think that is about where I should be. It was hard, but I got through it (with a 30 second cheat on the walking portions). I will keep repeating this one until I get some comfort with it. 
3. Race sign up - I did this - AND it cost me 40.00. THEN I figured out I am going to be in the Dominican Republic on my 40th birthday trip that weekend.  GRRR. Just too many things going on and when I don't calendar everything right away, I pay the price. Hopefully my friend will run it, so it won't be a waste, but I can't technically transfer the entry.

Workout was couch to 5k for 30 minutes and about 2 miles. I then did a "brisk walk" for 2 more miles. The kids were playing Wii and I thought that would entertain me more then it did. I am so motivated by those numbers on the treadmill.

Goals for tomorrow-
Strength workout
Find a Feb race I can actually do!

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