Monday, January 9, 2012

How time flies!

Wow, Haven't been here since the 4th? what is up with that. Well it makes some sense because I fell apart at the end of the race. You got it, made it through the holiday season only to get tripped up by the end of the year. It actually wasn't new years eve that did me in. We went over to a friends house for a great dinner of chicken, grit stuffed tomatoes and salad. Snacks were veggies with hummus, a perfect setting for me. Have I told you all this? well anyways, I drank some, but also downed some good water and was well rested for the New years day race. I know I told you about that!
So what got to me? The stockings. Ugh. After Christmas, my DH had put all the stocking candy back in the stockings and hung them up on the mantel. I am so an out of sight, out of mind girl and didn't give all that lovely candy a second thought. But then, we de-Christmased and all that candy had to go someplace. The kitchen counter. Not good. Plus there were still leftover goodies from my 40th Birthday party. Double not good. It was a slow, but definite slide. So 1.5 weeks into the new year and I have gained. Boo. 

Monday 1/9 weigh in 158.

However, I found my issue,threw away a lot of sugar and moved the candy into the pantry and to a side counter to get it out of my snacking eyesight.
Another problem, I was trying to work in strength training. That in itself is not a problem, but I wasn't burning enough calories to offset candy attacks or even to maintain (clearly). The last 2 nights I have gone back to the tried and true treadmill. Last night I thought I was repeating week 4, day 1 on the couch to 5k, but turns out it was actually week 6. Yikes, but good for me! Tonight was just alternate 5 minutes jogging and 5 minutes walking. Covered 3.75 miles both days. Eating has been MUCH better these last 2 days as well, so I hope to start to see some results. I have been very bad with the diet soda though. Things have been stressful at work.

Happy week!

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