Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Day 5k

Kicked off my first goal (12 races in 12 months) with a race on Jan 1st. I am so lucky, because when I made my goal I figured if I can get through the cold months, then the rest of the running season won't be so bad. Well today was a treat! It was in the high 40's by the time we started racing and I need to take off my fleece part way through.
I clearly can't pace myself as I thought I was doing very poorly, but when I came around the bend in the town center, I could see the finish line clock and it said 36 something. I still had a half mile to go, but knew I could do that in 8 minutes or so! I ended up at 40:44. Not my best time (that was in March, 2010) but still good considering I haven't raced in 18 months.
A very good way to start the year. I also took a short walk around the neighborhood to get out, as the temperature is supposed to drop 15-20 degrees in the next day and a half. Boo! I was loving this October weather we have been enjoying. Maybe the winter will be mild and the Feb and March races won't be so bad either!

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