Saturday, December 29, 2012

April - where I learn about running friends

April, it is a beautiful month here as everything starts to bloom and I learned how much more fun races are with friends! I actually had 2 races this month. April 1 brought the Cherry Blossom 5k. I signed up for the lottery with my friend from Ohio who was running the 10 miles. This was all before the goal was a glimmer. The lottery was held in December and little did I know how lucky we were to get spots. I don't think the 5k is all that competitive, but the rest of my group was 10 milers. Anyways, we metro'd to the Washington Monument start together and met afterwards. This was my first big race, as the racing season really kicks off in April here. I was alone at the 5k start, but that was ok. The course was pretty and crowded. There were all sorts of funny people there racing in outfits I would wear to the mall. Well maybe not, but jeans, sweaters....all sorts of things.

I felt good about my race finishing in 40:47. Not quite as fast as January, but so much better then March, who could argue?

I felt weird wearing my Cherry Blossom t-shirt afterwards because it clearly announces the 10 miler part, but in no form does it recognize the 5k piece. I didn't want anyone to think I was claiming to have raced 10 miles! Seems a little silly since I was already registered for a Half Marathon! Part of the comparison game perhaps, which can be a downside of running with friends.

My 2nd race of the month came in the form of peer pressure. A good neighborhood friend had lost a lot of weight and was really getting into running and wanted to run the GW parkway Classic. Again, we ran the 5k option associated with the 10 miler.

Lorna, her husband and I all met to drive down to the buses together. It was nice to not have to be the only once paying attention to logistics. It was a cool morning and damp. There aren't a ton of bathrooms as we were starting much further up the parkway from the main race. I ended up having trouble in the bathroom before and I am quite certain Lorna thought I had fallen in. It chewed up quite a bit of time though, and I apologize for monopolizing a stall when the line was so long. We started off and I ditched the dollar store poncho I had brought along. There were quite a few kids in this race, clearly a youth fitness group with the YMCA or something and some of the kids were in the skate shoes. I was not amused as I puffed my way towards Alexandria.

I didn't see Lorna or Will during the race after they pulled away early, but was happy it wasn't raining and did steal a few glances at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. Would I really be running over that bridge come October?? I finished in 39:05 and they were waiting at the finish line for me. I was so happy to be under 40 minutes! We didn't stick around for the post race festivities, but there were beer trucks and other tents being set up for the rest of the morning. Logistics were so smooth, we got home no problem. And I was happy.

I figured I had a extra race stashed away in case I needed it later on in the year to meet my goal. :)

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