Saturday, December 29, 2012

June - all for Dad

My June race was back to a local race run by one of the racing stores. My friend Lorna was running it, so we had a good time. We ran with each other, sometimes one ahead, sometimes the other and that made it fun. The race was to support prostate cancer research and promote education, so there were some fun signs.

We also ran with ties and at one turnoff you had to tie a tie on and run the rest of the race with it. We received a mug for our trouble, but it was just a fun diversion. This was a new course for me, and I felt good.

However, the pictures just show why running in tights are my friends. Yikes, I clearly have a long way to go on the thighs.

Nothing super special about this race, just get it done. I finished the 4 miles in 49:52.

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