Monday, December 31, 2012

December - A Race to Remember

The December Jingle Bell Run was just pure fun! This is an 8k race in Washington DC, the same route as the miserable St. Patrick's Day run from March.

There were several girls from the Bootcamp I joined in October running the race together. Afterwards we had this fantastic lunch and gift exchange.

We all met at the hostesses house, waking up her kids and husband as we brought in our potluck dishes, found space in the frig and found our bibs and other necessaries for the race. We all drove down together and I was so happy the rain held off.

I had 2 buddies in the back of the pack for this race. Even though I had run races with friends, everyone was always faster then me. One of my buddies was a jack rabbit. Or so she said. She would race out of the start gate until she was out of energy and then do whatever she could to finish the race. She decided to stick with me, slow and steady.

The first mile we were right on our 13 minute pace. The race was full of folks in awesome costumes and they definitely were keeping me distracted. There was also a guy juggling the whole race who managed to stay just ahead of me. We kept our pace up and did some running and some walking. Debbie would pull ahead and then I would manage to get close again. It was a great motivation for me to keep up the pace and keep pushing to the end. I finished with a PR  of over a minute and a time of 1:04:57.

And with this race my journey of 12 in 12 ended. It was such a great feeling to set a goal and be able to follow through with it. More in the coming days and about what I learned and what's next.

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