Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 - The Bonus Round

So I have set out to tell you about my year according to the races I ran. And I will be totally honest, I meant to be blogging about them all along so I could really bring you all with me. The time recorded at the end of a run doesn't tell you about the sights or feelings experienced during the time out on the course. Perhaps I will be able to do a better job of that in 2013. My resolution/goal list is already long, but I am going into the year with such confidence because I did it. I set out to run 12 races in 2012, one a month and I did it. I felt very blessed that Mother Nature was kind to me. I certainly know that many racers this year were not as lucky. The closure of the course at the Green Bay Marathon, the heat in Boston and the cancellation of NYC were all things I was very aware of. Which, I guess is progress in itself. In 2011, I wouldn't have been so aware of  news in the running world, unless maybe it hit the headlines on Yahoo.

So what is the bonus? Well for one, my racing in 2012 isn't done yet! I am racing the Fairfax Four Miler on NYE with 2 ladies from my bootcamp. I haven't been outside yet, but I can tell you it is cold inside! I have to figure out what to wear so I can stay warm, but not too warm. The swag was a great warm looking sweatshirt. I haven't tried it on yet, as I believe you shouldn't wear the swag until you run the race. Anyone else do that?

The other thing  I am very proud of, but wasn't really a stated goal was I gave up soda! I have had times in the past few years when I have gotten to the point of having a can of soda every other day at lunch. I had heard over and over again about how soda impacts your weight loss and how those who were successful, had given up soda as a part of their journey. I definitely keep an eye on my intake, but had pretty much given up on ever being a soda convert. I figured making sure I had plenty of water was more important. And let me say here and now, I am not saying I will never have another soda again!

October of this year I got sick and had to spend a few days at home. That typically means telecommuting and lying on the couch. Since I was sick, and totally focused on having my water, watching bad TV and sleeping, I didn't have soda for about 3 days. Then I decided to see where that might take me. Folks, I haven't had soda since October 10th, 2012!! Some days I really need something else other then water, but I can usually find something or just have a flavored tea or propel water. So far, so good and we will just see where it take me.

Enough about 2012, its almost time to talk about 2013! (of course, I will be writing "2012" for the next 3 months.)

Have a great day!

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