Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend in Review

Friday was cold, very cold and snow was coming. Not so much snow that this California driver was scared, but the schools still closed 2 hours early.

I managed a quick trip to my local running store to try on and walk out with my new running shoes.

It must have been fate - they were green! Just the perfect shade to match my Tiana outfit for Disney. I totally don't buy shoes for the color, but it was nice they had a little spunk to them. My very first pair of running shoes were Saucony Progrid Omnis. I bought a second pair and when those wore out, I ended up with Brooks Addictions. They are a much heavier pair of shoes and I eventually got used to them. I bought them mostly because the store didn't have Omnis in stock when I was there and the online reviews said the new models were very different. Any rate, I am back with the Omnis now and hope they work out.

With our found time on Friday we popped up some corns. Made with Olive Oil, it is one of my favorite treats.

Saturday I decided to do the 30 day shred and ran two miles on the treadmill. I was feeling guilty about blowing off bootcamp on Friday. :)

Sunday morning was a treat. I met up with a mom that I connected with on Moms Run This Town. We met at my neighborhood park and took in 4 miles on the trail. After that I worked on my Tiana outfit.

But then I was distracted by daughter. She wanted to make a quilt, so we did.

Ice is scheduled for tomorrow. Ugh. My plan is to go to bootcamp and to drop the car off at the shop to finally be fixed. Then the cub scouts are coming to my work to see the TV studio. Let's hope it all pans out as I plan.

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