Saturday, January 19, 2013

Getting it Done and Letting Go

Friday - a good day by any estimation as it is the beginning of the weekend. In our case a 3 day weekend to celebrate MLK and the Inauguration of Barack Obama. I feel somewhat bad that I have lived here for so long and still have not attended an inauguration parade or ball. That is one of my long term goals. It seems no matter how nice it is leading up to the day, the actual day itself is typically freezing. It is DC after all. And me? I am just a weather wimp. I am getting better - see the Christmas Eve when I hauled my family to the National Christmas Tree and beyond for holiday bonding time. No engraved invitation to Ball arrived in the mail either. Perhaps because I don't donate to political parties? Anyways, this year doesn't seem to be the year. :)

I went to boot camp, which was awesome because she spent quite a bit of time on stretching. Based on my run on Thursday, I needed it, so win-win! I then had a telecommute day, which I spent throwing laundry in, answering emails and even got some returns done over lunch. I was feeling good about my to do list, but hovering in the back of my mind was the 5 mile run I hadn't done on Thursday. Because I skipped my long run last weekend, I needed to be extra good about this week leading up to my 9 miler scheduled for Sunday.  Time was short though, I volunteer for a school club on Friday evenings and needed to be out to door close to 5 pm. 5 miles takes over an hour for me, so I can't just pound it out like some runners. I made a deal with myself that I would cut away from the computer at 3 and get moving. 3:00 came and went and I hadn't made my big move to change clothes.

In the end I got down there. It stresses me out to be running against this big clock on the wall. I usually have such a tight window to run and being a turtle like me means I need to be right on the mark with my pace. It all worked out, but I would prefer to have a bigger window - especially when a shower is so necessary!

I can tell my pace is picking up, so that is a big bonus I still plan for 15 minute miles even though I am closer to 13:30. I always need to stop to go to the bathroom or drink water. If I tried to drink full speed on the mill I am sure I would hurt something!

I mentioned I am doing a dietbet, I will talk about it more once it is over, but suffice to say, it is stressing me out. I am super close to my "goal weight" but the fact is that in 2012 it took me 12 months to lose 6 lbs. I am completely ok with that, as it is about feeling good and working in the right direction. The fact is that I am a working mother of 2 ES aged kids. I don't have time for Biggest Loser sized workouts. But I am doing the best I can for now. So I embraced pizza night with gusto and had 2 glasses of wine last night. Yes, my weight jumped up this morning, but its ok. I am letting go of the stress and doing what I have spent the last year doing - working towards my goals and living a healthy and fun life. I worked out twice in one day for goodness sakes - that is not something I would have been doing even a year ago!

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