Tuesday, January 29, 2013


It indeed was icy-ish this morning and boot camp was cancelled. Bummer. But I did 30 day shred, level 2 with my son. I was proud to say I got through most of it without stopping and used my 5 lb weights!

So I think I mentioned that I had joined a dietbet. This website was clearly doing a social media blitz because there were many sites/bloggers offering bets. Essentially what you do is bet on yourself. You have 28 days to lose 4% of your weight. You take a picture of yourself and the scale on day one.

I was full of Christmas (ok- multiple holidays) bloat, so I was feeling pretty confident I would be able to get 4%. You get a word of the day to go with your weight.

Yikes, that 154.5 was tough to see. I was fully dressed and it was the afternoon, but still. I had gotten to the point where I was only seeing 14x on a daily basis, even in the evenings before bed.

During the 28 days you have a forum where folks can share thoughts, activities, encouragement, despair. Whatever suits your fancy. They even have "quick updates" such as "I just ate something bad." or "I just finished a workout." Folks were a little wrapped up in the game at the beginning. Especially when some folks were starting to weigh in with 100% of their weight loss achieved. You could submit "unofficial" weigh-ins throughout the game. Eventually that went away and the folks encouraged by social interaction stayed around.

I have to admit that my only goal was to not lose my $10. Not that it was so much money, but I should have been able to get back to my pre-holiday weight in a month. I am working out 5-6 days a week and more importantly have settled back into the food cycles I had before the treat truck came along.

Today was the last day of the bet and I knew it was going to be close. My son had his black belt pre-quals on Friday night and we went out to Italian afterwards. I had already done several meals out and was just ready to dive into some pasta. I should have special ordered what I wanted, but didn't and ended up with a heavy cream sauce. Ugh, pair that with a large glass of wine, and the pound I gained was no surprise. When I keep to my eating after a night like that, those pounds gained usually come off about half a pound day. That is what happened this time and I sneaked in with a 148. My scale only measures half pounds, so we will have to call that good. I had to take pictures again with the word of the day and they verified my weight loss.

I had to use my kids to take my pictures. I don't know why but I am a little private about my online activities with my hubby. He isn't on Facebook or Twitter and doesn't read blogs, so I feel like he isn't quite as on board with the friendships and motivation you can find online.

So would I do dietbet again? No way. My mind was on the weight more then ever before, which is saying something for someone who weighs in twice a day and writes down her morning weight and workout each day. I was happy to lose 6 pounds last year and if I was able to get to the same place (getting down to 142ish) and have those splurge days and hard workouts in between I will have won. While I was much better about my eating this weekend, Friday excepted, it wasn't joyful. Interestingly enough, I didn't totally splurge today like I expected. Who knows what the scale will say tomorrow?

What are some of your motivations? Would money change how you approach being healthy or losing weight?

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