Thursday, January 10, 2013

Time to Turn This Around

I have been working out yes, but my mood hasn't been good. I love being positive and energized. This just hasn't been the case. I spent yesterday getting lots of big work things off of my to do list. Today I just had to get through it. Meetings and I essentially lost my voice. Not good when you are the leader! When I left the house I got a surprise call. Another mother who I have kept in touch with since our kids went to Montessori School together. We chat about once a month and try to get out for dinners every once in awhile, so I consider us fairly close considering we don't have any common kid activities. Anyways, she has big news in her life and I was excited to catch up for a few minutes and book a dinner out next week. Step in the right direction, much better then slamming into someone's car!

Today was about leading others through decisions that had to be made and getting to the rest phase of the week. No workout (planned), which is good timing because I am not sure which direction this sore throat is going to take me. Meetings went well and I came home with more energy then I expected considering!

Anyways, enough about the boring aspects of my life. :)

Let's talk about some fun stuff. Not all my goals are fitness related. I am also looking to put quite a bit of money into the house. We completely redid the kitchen 2 years ago and it just drained me of any energy to deal with contractors and having to make design decisions. I am back and ready to go! We have lots of maintenance stuff to do, but some fun stuff too, like landscaping.

We also want to be more social, so I have to figure out how to execute that with kids that seem to be growing social calendars twice as busy my own! I am also working on vacation plans too. That is FUN!

Have a great day!

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