Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Let's Talk about Running shall we?

Wow, 2013 has certainly thrown me for a loop. The good news is that I am ready to talk running for a change - but first a short family update! I had a great weekend with the family, even with not feeling so great.

Saturday night the Packers played and we are nothing if not Packer fans in this house!

They are a little blurry, but I promise you the enthusiasm was there. The outcome was not what we wanted, but there is always next year! Sunday I slept late. Today's bribe for my daughter to sit still while I picked through her hair was a manicure. 

We even figured out an easy way to do polka dots. Fun. The picking, not so fun, but it goes by faster each day and she seems to understand why we need to keep after it. 

Back to running! I considered doing my long run today, but I decided against it. Time was running short and I wanted to take it nice an easy. I am not sure how, but I would love to get it in tomorrow. Even if it is a partial workout. Still undecided about bootcamp though. I like to know Sunday night what my plan for the week is, but sometimes you just have to listen to your body. In my case, I need to push it a little harder. :) 

Since I only had an hour I decided to work on my outfit for the Disney Princess Half. That's just as good as a workout right? 

Here is my inspiration. 

This is a headband I got a year or so ago when I went to New Orleans for a meeting. My daughter has taken it as her own of course, but I think I could borrow it for just 1 weekend, right? Actually today is when she put two and two together that not only was mom running a big race, but she wasn't doing it in town. Wait until she figures out I am going to Disney World! Oh my!

I really want to be Tiana. 

Anyways, I hit up Party City for a white petticoat and then Joann's for some green fabric. I had bought a tank top at Old Navy a few weeks ago. The colors aren't an exact match, so I think it will do. Although looking at the picture, I am a little more unsure. Thoughts??

I will show you what I come up with. Next weekend is a 3 day weekend, so I hope to make some progress (as well as fit in some good runs). 

Have a great week everyone!

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