Friday, January 18, 2013

How Do You Roll?

So I have decided my life isn't very exciting. :)

I don't know how some of these bloggers do it. Well, a lot of them show off what they are eating, but that is even less exciting. Tonight we had tortellini with a creamy sauce made from milk and flour. See, what I mean? Exciting. I will say that we do a good job of cooking and eating at home. Especially considering how busy our kids are.

Anyways, I had 45 minutes tonight to get a run in. I was scheduled for 5 miles, but my legs were tired and my time was short. I will have more time tomorrow, so I am hoping I can work through those 5 miles then. Today I ran my No Snow 5k.

We were supposed to get some snow today, but it all stayed south. The storm reports only started yesterday, which is amazing considering usually folks are panicking in DC days in advance. Anyways, all for naught as we were crushed by the dry slot again.

I felt really tight during my run and ended up walking .25 of each mile. I haven't been stretching as much with my missing boot camp several days. So I pulled out the foam roller I got for Christmas.

It hurts so bad, but does really help. I am just learning about so many of these tricks/techniques that runners use. I feel like a rookie most days, but spending time on some fun facebook groups and reading blogs has helped me get some insight.  Hopefully I can share these tips with you too.

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TorontoRunner said...

Just found your blog!
I am terrible at foam rolling :( NEVER take the time to do's great you're on top of it!