Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Bang Up Day

Exercise makes me feel good. I promise, but the beginning of 2013 has started out as just a big ball of stress. I can see the end (I think) so please bear with me.

Today started out like many others, the debate about boot camp. I had decided Monday evening that I would attend Mon, Tues, Fri. That allowed me to run my scheduled 2 miles on Tues without too much trouble and longer on Thursday without wiping out my energy. So off I went, frost on the car window, yuck. Lots fewer people there this morning then Monday, but we got right down to business.

I had an early meeting, so I was home right afterwards, tagged the husband on his way out the door and got the kids going. We were getting out the door in good time when DS says he doesn't know where his glasses are. Crap. I made him look in the most obvious places, but my suspicion was they were sitting on his desk at school. He really only wears them to see the board and rarely has them out at home. Just in case checked the lost and found on the way into school, nada. I tried to stay calm about it, so he wouldn't freak out and was fairly successful. I had plenty of time to get to the training I was helping to run and BAM.

I hit a parked car pulling out of school. Crap. (that might not have been the word that came out of my mouth)

So I stood like the idiot I am in the empty parking lot trying to figure out whose car it might be. Turns out is was the car of a mom of my daughter's friend. Fantastic. Of course, I didn't put that together during the whole exchange info part. She had been rear ended on Saturday, so to say she was having a bad week would be pretty accurate I think. I guess the good news is that she only has to get the car fixed once? Maybe?

The rest of the day isn't worth going through. I got several things off my desk and decided to turn my time for 2 miles into mental health gains. Essentially, my to do list is stressing me out. Sometimes I do it to myself, but this is all end of year reporting deadlines, so I just needed to get things done and be able to mentally clear the decks. I put that time to good use and got a large piece of work moved to the next step in the process. I am getting sick, so that may serve me well in many ways in the next few days. I will say typically when I am this stressed I tend to take it out on others by getting upset easily, most likely my kids and that hasn't happened. Perhaps exercise is helping me manage more then I realize!

Any rate, I might run tomorrow (with relief) or not, but I am ok with it. I have 44 days until the Princess Half and I can do it!

Hoping that light I see at the end of the tunnel is my good mood coming back and not something else!

Get out there!

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