Monday, January 14, 2013

Girls Night Out

I did have one victory this week. The first item crossed off my goals/to do list. Most of the items on the list are goals, but since my list is broken out by month, some are the things I would like to accomplish on the house or plan for family enjoyment. Keeps my eye on the prize and feeling like I am moving forward.

I had the plumber come and look at the kids' tub and the garbage disposal. The tub in the bathroom has never drained correctly. We have lived here for 11 years and it was high time we did something about it. When the kids took baths it wasn't a big deal if it drained slowly because we were usually busy getting them dry, dressed, etc Let's not talk about what our guests had to deal with. I am a bad hostess, this is simply evidence one. Anyways, long story short. The plumber found a full sized playmobile character.

I am pretty sure it is from the previous owner of the house, as my kids have never had playmobiles in the tub. At least not to my knowledge. Lots of tub toys for sure, but not these guys. Anyways, total victory.

Then I got to do more laundry. I swear the washer has been running non stop since I found out DD has lice again. I am washing everything in sight, so don't sit still too long!

The nitpicking continued with DD on Friday evening. Not fun, so we decided to go on a girls night out. First was a trip to buy birthday presents, then another stop to buy this shampoo - Fairy Tale, which is supposed to have rosemary to repel lice. I am ready to try anything at this point.

We then hit up Subway for dinner and decided to chase that with some frozen yogurt. I am totally back on frozen yogurt. We used to eat it all the time in CA, but since moving here there wasn't really any options. Well now there are frozen yogurt places all over and I am loving it!

After our yogurt, we hit up the local HS gymnastic meet. There were 5 schools competing in a meet and we went to cheer on our girls. We don't know anyone on the team unfortunately, but it was still fun.

After it was over, we went to go get autographs. The girls couldn't have been sweeter to my daughter and it was a nice way to end the night. (I think they felt good too!)

No workout today. My sore throat is turning into a cough and I just didn't have it in me to push through.

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