Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oh Monday, How You Torture Me

Usually I am not big on the Monday Blues, I am rested for the weekend and ready to go. I got up for bootcamp today as we pretty much had an engraved order  invitation. Today was the first Monday of the new year. Time to get to work. I had went to bootcamp last week, so it wasn't such a big deal for me, but I didn't want to miss any discussion about goals.

When we got there she didn't have us lay out our equipment and mat like usual, but handed us an index card with our goals we had emailed her. She had a space for starting plank time, our height, weight and the goals. So we all did a plank together with her calling out time in 15 second intervals. I stayed up until 45 seconds. My goal is 3 minutes by the end of the year, so I felt pretty good about that. (plus I had only done 32 seconds the night before!) We did the plank with our arms extended, which I don't typically do. I do them on my elbows, which way is harder?

So for 2013;
     Goal 1: Run 750 miles
     Goal 2: hold a 3 minute plank

My 3rd goal is to do 100 pushups in a row. I originally had crunches, but I figured the planks took care of the core, so the pushups will take care of the arms.

That is 3 goals that are much more well rounded then my 2012 goal of running 12 races in 12 months. However, I think they are going to be hard enough that I can't finish them in like a month (although if I do, I can always set more!) and varied enough that they support each other and an overall healthy movement. They also are part of my word for 2013 - STRONGER!

So what was the torture today? Just silly work stuff. Nothing that I need to keep with me, but it did give me a little pause this morning. Moving on and moving forward.

Have a great day!

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