Tuesday, January 22, 2013


So I have many goals this year.

One to feel confident in a bikini.

Despite it being January and the windchill on Tuesday expected to be zero - the bathing suits are all out on the store shelves. While bathing suit season is technically 5 months away (at least!) I thought I would grab a few bargains. I ordered one from Victoria's Secret for a nice deal, but I was worried the colors made me look even more washed out and pale then I already am. I bought another one from Target that was a fun navy blue, and I think it looks better, but hubby is undecided. Maybe have to think on that more, of course, the real goal is to feel good. Looking good wouldn't hurt either. :)

For my goal of 750 miles in 2013, I am moving along nicely. 5% seems like a good place to be 20 days into the year. I need to hit 62 miles for the month. With half marathon training in full swing, I should be good to go.

Now to only decide what races to show off my improving pace.

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