Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Working on the Loose Ends

You all have been so patient with me through lice, car accidents, general stories about my kids and oftentimes boring runs. :) I am trying to have the same patience. I decided that this week would be the week to pull myself together from the mess that was the beginning of January and start February out fresh. It's not easy to recover from some things, they require phone calls, coordination and often time off of work. But forged ahead I did. I was feeling badly about the dying poinsettias and the wreath still on my door until I saw this.

(not her, the reindeer)  :)

The car I knocked a good ding into is in the shop and hopefully will be done tomorrow. Today I called in reinforcements and had the lice lady come and treat my daughter and me. I have a contractor coming on Friday to look at a longstanding leak in the shower. I got back to boot camp today and have been keeping up with my running.

I won't dwell on the lice lady (as she called herself), but it was so nice to finally have someone to share the load. I have been the only one pulling and tugging and trying to get my daughter rid of all the little buggers. After having a breakdown on Sunday when I found more bugs, I decided to take the leap and open my wallet for some piece of mind. She gave me a prescription I am taking advantage of right now.

Today was a gorgeous day in VA. I missed it. :( Until the last hour when I managed to get out of the house.

I was glad we took some time, but bummed I missed the warmth of this rare winter day.  I did get in a short run in my new Athleta Swagger skirt. I received a gift card for Christmas and had ordered a skirt online. The cut and color weren't what I expected and I really wanted to have another skirt. I headed over to Tysons to exchange it and see what they had in the store. I have to say I was kind of underwhelmed. I think I am so used to picking up workout clothes at Target or Ross. Anyways, I finally settled on the Swagger skirt. I wore it today for the first time and liked how it felt.

I can't explain my she held the camera crooked, but there you go.

So bugs out, new clothes in and a sunny day. One step in front of the other.

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