Friday, February 1, 2013

The End of January

So my mission to wrap up January and leave it behind continued. (So much so, I didn't get to post last night)

I signed my kids up for 2 weeks of camp. I have a whole master plan with weeks blocked off for scout camp, rec center camp, TKD camp. All the registration dates are all over the next month or so and this particular camp is getting competitive to get into. (Notice a trend - NoVA is ruthless to a type A personality, I tell you!)

So Wednesday morning after boot camp, I got it done. Boot camp itself was a little bit of a surprise. When I got up to get dressed my phone was tweeting that I had a text. We were meeting outside. That means a run, not strength like I had planned for. I was up and decided to head out anyways. We started a little late to make sure we had everyone that was coming due to the location change and then headed out. There was a full moon, so the sky was lighter then normal. Between that and the warm, humid weather, I almost felt like it was summer! I ran with a new buddy today and we kept up a nice conversation while getting 3 miles in.

I was able to work from home the rest of the day and spent a little bit of time prepping for our last webelo meeting as leaders. My son has picked out his new scout troop and we are winding down the activities. We focused on communication and I had the boys all email their parents. I couldn't ask for a better kid!

We have made some awesome friends at Pack 1524 and I am going to be so sad to leave. I am a little concerned I am going to be a blubbering mess at the Blue and Gold Dinner. I don't do so well with events where it is so clear how fast the boys (or girls) are growing up.

Today, I was able to pick up the car - good as new. In fact it has a new headlight, which looks so shiny and new compared to the other one! Whew, another task done. I had planned to do strength today, but work, driving kids around and an after school assembly filled my day. Its ok and I am glad I slept in this morning!

I ended January with 69 miles, I held a plank for a minute, got the kids shower fixed and I worked on summer planning. Not too shabby.

I would have had our summer vacation planned, but the owners of the beach house we want haven't picked their weeks yet, so we are on hold until that happens. We know where we are going and what where we want to stay - so that is more then half the battle!

Off to try and wrap up one more work thing so I can really got into February with a clean slate!

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