Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I think I Lost My Wagon

Not only do I feel like I have fallen off the wagon, but I can't even see it. It isn't all that bad, I assure you, but it FEELS that way. Some days that is enough.

Monday was a rest day - that 11 miles from Sunday did me in. I was ok with that, and I had a great reason for not getting my sweat on in the evening. My baby brother was in town! He lives all the way on the west coast and he had a meeting locally. While he comes east on a semi regular basis - every 6 months or so - sometimes I have to twist my schedule into knots to see him. This time he showed up at the house, shared dinner with the family, we had some adult chat time after the kids went to bed and then I took him to his hotel. Easy and relaxed. Just the kind of visit I enjoy!

I went to bed too late and knew I had to get to bootcamp. WHY can't I go to bed earlier? It is a real issue for me. I made it and we did circuits. Ouch. I was feeling very weak in general. I was supposed to run tonight as well, but with an event at school, I ended up on the couch with Obama on TV and my computer on my lap.

I think perhaps I am resisting. Resisting what? Well last night I spent a few minutes working out what I might need to do to train for a marathon. I know, really? After that 11 miler, it was just pure crazy talk. In January, on a day I had a great run apparently - I mentioned to my MIL that I was considering registering for the Green Bay Marathon. I could tackle anything, and why not that?! My hubby grew up in GB and the race runs through Lambeau Field for goodness sake. On the more important side, it is FLAT and with a very generous time limit. I think the folks at the water stations just break out the beer while they are cheering on the turtles like me. :) Anyways, I decided now that Disney is near and the Cellcom page is hyping weekend runs, I should figure out what I really needed to do. It is ugly. All of April has long runs of 4-5 hours each. I just don't know. The half just filled up yesterday, so I can't even play that for the family trip. I think traveling to GB for a 5k would be a little much.

So back to Disney - the task at hand. I have 2 weeks of training left and need to be on it. Finish strong. I want to be able to enjoy the race knowing I did what I needed to and just have fun!

How do you decide to take on challenges like a marathon?

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