Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day Weekend

This was a weekend of getting things done.


We had a long list of errands to run on Saturday and got most of them done while DD was at Daisies. I stopped by Pacers to check on my new shoes, but they weren't in yet. Boo. Saturday night we had a fire and played cards. It was a great family night!
Sunday I had 8 on the docket and DD had a birthday party in Manassas at 10:30 AM. So I set my alarm and got my run on. I broke it into 2 mile increments, allowing myself a water, potty break every 2 miles. That's not what I do in a race, but hey, it works for me. First half hour I listened to an AMR podcast on being injured (thankfully I am not). Then some music and the last hour was HGTV. While is run is the only time I HGTV, and I love that there are no commercial breaks between shows. They want to keep you hooked and it helps me keep running past the hour.

Just for grins, I ran in my tutu. I wanted to make sure it wasn't going to get caught in between my legs while I ran. It was great! I hardly knew it was there. No outside run this weekend (the wind was biting), so the neighbors weren't left wondering what in the world I was doing. :)

While DD was at her party (in the middle of nowhere VA, BTW), I used my Yelp app and found a salon. They weren't open when I got there, but were soon after. I thought about doing green in honor of Tiana, but decided at the last minute purple was more what I was feeling. Its a Mardi Gras color, right?

Thursday is the big Pinewood Derby, so we went to get the cars preweighed. I am so happy we have been with such an open pack. They have siblings participate in everything. DD doesn't understand that this is all going to come to an end once my son bridges over in a few weeks.

But for now we are set for Thursday and a good time will be had by all. Sund ay night we went out for dinner and my poor eating continued. Actually it wasn't my eating, I had a salad with Salmon and the dressing on the side. The calamari and wine weren't such good choices though.

Sunday night/Monday morning was brutal. My daughter came into bed about 5 am with a continuous cough. I had lots of stressful thoughts running though my head and couldn't get back to sleep. I finally migrated to her bed and was then woken up by my son 3-4 times throughout the morning. Ouch. I finally got up at 9 AM and shortly after breakfast started work on my son's room. I haven't done a toy clean out in maybe 18 months and it was showing. The great thing was that this time, I pretty much just managed the recycling and trash bags and he did the work. I was very proud of him.

Once he was done, it was clear DD was in the middle of the same process in her room. (I think we know who follows who's tendency here - my husband throws nothing away) So I helped her finish. Not a bad morning's work!

I worked on getting my duck's in a row for Disney and then decided to get in 3 miles. I plan to go to bootcamp tomorrow, run Wednesday or Thursday (3 miles again), bootcamp Thurs/Friday. With traveling I am giving myself a little wiggle room, but boot camp Tuesday/Friday is definite.

My buddy in crime wrote that her foot was hurting her yesterday. She has been running outside in Columbus and did 14 on Saturday. I am hoping she listens to her body this week and not the schedule, so she can run her race on Sunday.

I will admit I spent some time on the Green Bay Marathon site today. Just looking around. The half is sold out and the marathon is at 70%. I priced some plane tickets as well. Nothing has been set though. Perhaps after my race on Sunday I will have the guts to sign up. Prices go up again March 1st, so it would be good to  get in or out, whatever my decision will be.

Did you enjoy the holiday? What does your plan look like this week?

I can't wait to show you all the Disney excitement next week!

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