Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Owls vs Early Birds

I got up for boot camp today. I still feel like it is a victory each time I get there! We start at 6 am and I am like a sheep, once I am there I just follow.

I am a night owl. Pure and simple. I have dedicated myself to this boot camp because I know it is good for me. I have made great strides with my walking/jogging/running progression. However, I know there is more to being a fit and healthy woman. I need to increase my stamina and strength. Not only does it give me a better overall workout, but it also gives me a social outlet. These ladies have been together for several years and it is a comfortable safe space.

So what is my problem? While I seem to have tackled the getting up early to work out piece of things, I still haven't given up my owl ways. I still go to bed late and don't feel ready for sleep until I have read for a few minutes. I can barely get through one article now, but I still love to read and it is the only time I get (take) to.

The result - I am tired! Getting good sleep is important for weight loss - but more importantly sanity!

Any hints on how better to balance my me time at night and my workout time in the morning?

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