Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Back to the Way it Was

Let's see - where were we? Ah yes, good bootcamp work out. We stretched quite a bit, which was just what I needed. She keeps telling us to stretch at home and I am getting better at making the time. I did some rolling on Monday and it felt good. I know stretching is super important, one because I feel better when I do it, but also because we have back problems in my family tree. Thanks Dad! He has a set of stretches he does regularly so his back is nice to him. Hubby needs to take a page from that book as well. It makes me feel old when he is hobbling around because he has tweaked his back. I am not doing all this working out, just to feel old!

Excitement about Disney is growing! Chatted with my Ohio running buddy and my yet to be new friend. We are all in the same sorority (different schools), but I haven't met the woman coming in from CA yet. I am certain we will be fast friends on our little weekend adventure. Just another reason why this weekend is already scoring high points in my book. What isn't scoring such high points? This annoying cold I have contracted. I have this symptom where when I get sick my eyes water. There is nothing like sitting and having your nosing running like a faucet and eyes looking like you just broke up with your boyfriend of 5 years. That was pretty much the second half of the day. I didn't want to take sudefed because anything after 2pm would keep me up way too late. (plus with no caffeine base since I have dropped diet coke - who knows what would happen!) and it was too early for a nighttime medicine. Laura's foot and my head still have lots of time to recover, so its not world ending. Annoying for sure though!

Despite my cold I managed to make a great dinner! Fish and edamana salad. I am totally not that fancy but a few months ago I went to a school fundraiser at one of those make it ahead places.

We had a fun girls night out and I ended up taking a deal where I got several sides. To be honest, this is where the money was worth it for me. The main meals were good, but the sides rocked the house. We had an exotic grain mix with roasted veggies to die for. I almost ran over and picked more up for Thanksgiving dinner.

this looked much prettier in the bowl I made it in for dinner. 
This salad was the beans (is that what they are? legumes?), cranberries, feta and walnuts with a little dressing. I never would have bought these ingredients at the store, but it exposed my husband and I to another healthy choice. I am sure my son would have eaten it as well, but I made mixed veggies for Miss Picky and gave some to him as well. I am kind of glad, because now there is more for me!

In other news, dropped two pounds as predicted. I am back to where I was in January when the holiday bloat started to dissipate  The question is will I keep losing this week. I think so, as I have workouts planned, my appetite has returned to normal and there will be a lot of walking and little/no alcohol this weekend with the race. Perfect conditions to have my body keep going in the right direction. My goal is to lose 6 lbs this year, so slow and steady wins this race.

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