Thursday, February 14, 2013

What Doesn't Kill You.....

Makes you stronger. Or so the song says. I was happy to have Kelly (Clarkson that is) along for the ride on my run this afternoon. I had taken a rest day on Monday and only did boot camp yesterday, so it had to get done. Work was hopping, but I headed down to the treadmill. (A nice cold rain had started in DC) 2 miles done. Not too bad. I had to stop for a pitstop and to answer a work email. Big mistake, sitting down. But I posted on FB that I was moving and then I HAD to do it. 2 more miles on my docket. So I cranked Kelly, kicked the mill up one tick faster then before and got it done. 1.5 miles faster then my usual 4.7. May be time to click the mill up a little faster at the end of my runs. That was how I increased my speed the last 2 times. My goal this time is consistency  I don't think I was doing myself any favors by cranking up the pace then walking. Back and Forth. I still need to work on running the whole distance, whatever that distance may be. I can see doing more interval work once I am a little stronger.

The last mile or so I got to thinking. I really am stronger. Take a minute and think about when you started your athletic adventure - whatever that may be.

Can you remember how it felt? Can you close your eyes and feel the heavy breathing and the beating of your heart. The desire to be able to complete the move, reach the milestone, be strong? Do you give yourself credit for how far you have come?

For me it was July when I ran my first 5k without walking at all. I have no problem with walking, it has been the activity that has gotten me this far. However, my goal is to be stronger and one of the things that I measure that against is the distance I can run without stopping to walk. The fact that I can now run 2 miles or more without stopping is a big leap for me. Even a bigger leap from when I started the couch to 5k program.  Sometimes when I don't want to run or workout, I think about how much easier it is now. What am I complaining about? I can run 4 miles under an hour now and go about my day. That used to be a major effort.

So think about your journey and be thankful for all the time you have given yourself and your body. It is worth it and you have become stronger. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

What best describes your journey? What is your strong?

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