Thursday, January 24, 2013

Its Getting a Little Competitive Around Here!

Today was a rest day - from working out, but I did a little working out on the computer.

I love being in a running town, there a lots of big and small races in the area.  But you have to be on the ball, like sitting at the computer essentially when the race registration opens for some, others you can ponder your participation. What is so hard is that how is a new runner to know what they may be ready for in 6 months? Trust me when I say there will be other races and other years, but for me the desire to run a race is what drives me. It is hard to remember that sometimes.

Anyways, the craziness that was Wednesday.

As you all know I am running the Disney Princess in February with my buddy and one of her friends from CA. Ever since we registered (not on day 1 or day 10 btw) we have been mulling the Coast to Coast. Essentially Disney gives you another medal for running a race at Disney World and Disneyland in the same year. My parents still live in So Cal, as does our 3rd runner for Princess. So when the registration for the Disneyland Half opened yesterday, and hit 74% Sandie registered. (Remember this is a short drive for her - not a plane ride across the county.) Then when I logged into facebook this morning it was at 92%. I panicked. If I wanted to run this race, I would need to act fast. Ahh - what to do?? I pinged Laura and let her know the status of the registration. She hadn't talked to her husband and I had done all my planning in my head.

Since my parents are there, I decided to go for it. Worst case I just flushed $181 down the drain, which I don't take lightly, but let's be honest the race is 8 months away! The sting would lessen by then. *sigh* I still don't know if I did the right thing, but then Laura registered as well. That means she is flying from Ohio to join Sandie. I have a feeling after the Princess I will do anything in my power to get me and my running shoes there. More to come on this for sure!

Then at noon the registration for several Marine Corps events opened up. There is a half in Fredricksburg, but that conflicts with Green Bay (ack! and a story for another day) and a 17.75k in March. I love that the 17.75 stands for the year the Marine Corps was founded. So before I hustled off to a meeting, I registered for that too. Wow, was I lucky, the race sold out in 1 hour! If you run this race you have a guaranteed entry into the Marine Corps Marathon in October. I have heard wicked things about the hills on this race, so it is no where near the top of my list. But a guaranteed entry for a race that sells out in you pass it up?? At least I have until March to decide. But then I only have 36 hours to use my access code. The pressure!

Have you ever registered for a race due to peer or time pressure?

Oh and the Disneyland Half sold out 2 hours later! Crazy I tell you.

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