Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Today was just a worker bee/mom/friend day. Despite lots of things going on, it all ended up being surprising balanced. One of those days when you think "I can do this!"

Work: Started the day with an email that needed my full attention and basically spent the day working with spreadsheets to update 3 powerpoint slides. You all already know how much I love spreadsheets. In the end 2 out of 3 were completed. Also led a good meeting for icing on the cake.

Home: Kids were picked up and dropped off when needed, including a last minute pitch hit for hubby, who was stuck in traffic. Homework was started, but I did not feed them, that was up to hubby.

Workout: I managed 3.1 miles before emergency pick up and then came back to finish my last mile, by bumping up the incline and the pace just a tad.

Friend - Managed to meet a good friend for dinner and we were able to catch up. (and I kept my eating in check and enjoyed a lovely cup of tea instead of the usual wine.)


Oh and yesterday I went to the mall (this happens about twice a year) and saw this.

Is this really where we are headed? Back to Jr. High? Neon?  Oh save me!

I also spent my bonus day working on my Tiana costume. Not ready for a reveal yet, but it went from tragic to maybe passable.  Getting excited for Disney!

How do you find balance in your life?

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