Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Here's to 2013

We rang in the new year with good friends and happy hearts. Now the work begins. I spent a good part of the morning doing nothing but sitting on the couch watching the Rose Parade. When I was going up in CA, my parents used to take us to the parade every year. Many years I had to be picked up from sleepovers  VERY early in order to get Pasadena and to get a good spot. I am still impressed by the imagination and execution of the floats. Some day I will take my family and maybe we will even go to the warehouses before hand to volunteer to apply the flowers to the floats.

I took my daughter to a playdate and then came home to loads of good veggies from the trays last night. Based on my twitter and FB feeds, I was behind the 8 ball and needed to get my resolution run in. I finally got off the stick around 2 pm and ran a 5k. My legs are tired as I have run almost every day since Thursday. It felt good to get some exercise.

I also joined a game on Dietbet organized by Run with Jess. I have never done one of these online bets, but I have gained quite a bit over the last 3 weeks and I figured I could use the motivation. Basically you put in $10 and work to lose 4% of your current weight. I weighed in on Sunday in the afternoon, ( in my clothes) and it was ouch, 154.5. I went back down on Monday, but last night brought my weight back up. I believe once I lay off the wine and snacks, I will be able to get back to my preholiday weight of 148 or so. Then we can go from there! 

Tomorrow is back to reality with work after over a week off. Luckily for me, its a rest day! Here we go!


Sarah said...

My three major goals this year are to get my finances organized, lose some weight and exercise regularly. I think laying off snacks and wine will help and I'll save the money I don't spend on them anymore.

Allie Calderon said...

Those are great goals. Can you make them specific? Laying off the wine has already made me feel better!

Laura @ Mommy run fast said...

Great job kicking the new year off with a run! 2pm is a tough time of day for me, energy-wise. 750 miles is a great goal, too!

Allie Calderon said...

Thanks Laura. I hope to get another 5k PR at some point this year!