Monday, April 8, 2013

Giving Back

Sorry I didn't post today, too tired, but we will get to that.

Friday I had a great day! I skipped out of work after a late morning conference call and headed into DC. I was slated to work at the Cherry Blossom Race Expo.

All Ready to go.

I drove to Pentagon City Mall and took the metro downtown and the trip went really fast. We were assigned to start our shift an hour before the expo opened. 

Even the Metro is ready for the blossoms
There was the expected hang around time as folks gathered and we figured out what was going on. I had a chance to quickly walk through the expo itself. It was held in the Building Museum grand atrium. There seemed to be a lot of space and quite a few stores and races represented. I browsed a little bit, but having just done the outlets, I didn't feel like I should spend any more. Pretty soon there were folks heading to the table to pick up their shirts. 

The shirts were a great blue this year. In fact some of the folks that upgraded to tech shirts wished they hadn't. Pretty soon we had a great rhythm going and we had a steady stream of business.  Many of the folks there between 1 and 4 were those that work downtown and wanted to get their packets before heading home for the day. We helped many people who were picking up packets for multiple friends or co-workers. Some had 20 or more! 

All in all it was very fun to volunteer and I would definitely do it again. In exchange for my time I have a guaranteed entry into the 2014 race. Guess I will have to continue running. 

Late last week, I had a bib offered to me, but decided against running. I want to focus on Nike and making sure that I get to that race in the best shape possible. 

One last thing I did before I headed home on Friday was to donate my first pair of running shoes! It felt a little incredible that I was at a point to do that. 

The boys headed off to baseball practice and my daughter and I had a girls night. Complete with dessert!

Hope you had a great weekend as well. Tomorrow - my long run. 

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