Monday, April 1, 2013

Back in Action

So I may have mentioned that I haven't really laid out a training plan for the Nike Half Marathon. They have been posting a weekly training plan and I have a pretty good idea of what I need to get done. Last weekend was a done deal with the 17.75 race. Then I had that horrible run of 2.5 miles, which was cut into 2. Then on Wednesday I didn't run as planned, but took time to get the house cleaned up before my MIL arrived.

I wanted to run on Saturday since I wasn't sure what the Easter festivities would bring us. The day was warm and my son had a baseball practice. So I decided to leave the house an hour before practice started and ran to the field. Then there is a great trail from the field that I ran for about 4 miles and then back. The trail was full of bikers, runners and folks walking with strollers.

The start of my run was more difficult as there are quite a few steep hills. I walked uphill and ran downhill. I was feeling stiff, but my knee wasn't hurting, so I kept plugging along. I was thinking the family would pass me on the road, but I ended up getting to the field and on the trail before them. Yea! 5k done and at least 8 more miles to go. I headed off on the trail which is nice and flat and a combination of gravel and pavement. I ran and ran and ran. No walking!! I just kept plugging along at my slow but steady pace. I was getting a little faster in my splits and feeling good.
I stopped at mile 5 and tried some Honey Stinger chews. They tasted like fruit snacks and were yummy. At this point the trail was pretty empty and I just kept moving.

Empty except for these guys. 

 I changed from my iphone to my shuffle to get some different music and my kissmyblackass podcasts came on. She had a long run of a half hour going and I just kept running. At mile 7 I turned around and headed back to the field. I was faster then the strollers and slower then everyone else. :) At about mile 9 the week 2 of the coach to 5k came on. Run for 90 seconds, walk for 1:00. I did the 5 minute warm up walking and then got right back into it. I ran the first interval and then decided to run the walk section, and so on. I was feeling like I was just floating along.

I came back to the field for a short stretch and this happy face.

The best part was kicking this run - just shy of 10.5 wearing my Finishing = Winning shirt. Indeed!

What an awesome way to spend a (finally!) warm day!

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