Friday, March 29, 2013

Listen to Yourself and Speak Up

I had a very productive day at work today. Got lots done and even stayed late despite a 2 hour early release we were granted. I feel so much better now that my desk is partially cleared off!

Started out the day with a circuit workout at bootcamp. I was not good about sticking with the exercises, I was in wimp mode I guess. Today was the first day I started to use my modifications.

I have a confession; I have not been my best advocate. I am adamant that parents are the ones that have to advocate for their kids medically. (well in all areas, but my experience is with the medical establishment.) We are the ones that know when something really isn't right, even if it is within normal for other kids. You get the idea.

Well way back in December I started getting this awful jaw pain. I mean at times I was having trouble chewing because my jaw hurt so much. I waited until my next dentist appointment. (I go every 6 months without fail, so it wasn't too much of a wait) and talked to the Dr about it.

He was convinced I must be grinding my teeth at night. I have never had issues with that or any other jaw/mouth issues. At the last minute I said I had joined a bootcamp, could that have anything to do with it. Yes, he said.

I have a bad history with core work in that I tend to use my neck rather then engaging my core. I have taken pilates and struggled with many of the exercises for this reason. I had kind of forgotten about it, but clearly I was still struggling with targeting parts of my body during a move. (confession within a confession; I never get how to engage my abs when we are working on some other part of the body. May as well pat my tummy while circling my head) Anyways, I didn't do anything. I didn't talk to my instructor, I didn't change the way I did things. Eventually it went away most of the time. I suspect because I starting going to bootcamp only twice a week as I ramped up my mileage for Disney.

Not me. :)
After my knee issue, and I took the week off last week, I decided I wasn't being smart. I talked to my instructor and interestingly enough she said she isn't a fan of crunches. She doesn't feel like they do as much as plank work and push ups. Ok then! So I am going to work on relaxing my neck and if I need to rest my upper body while I do reverse crunches, that is ok. 

That is one thing I like about this bootcamp is that we can all modify as we need to. I am happy I spoke up and now have a partner in helping me work towards health without injury that is informed about what my body is saying. 

Happy spring break, Passover and Easter to all who are celebrating one or all! 

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