Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Many Steps Towards a Big Goal

So tonight I was going to write about my goals. It is almost the end of March (but not quite as the weekend must count double - right?) but I was super excited that I got to cross several things off my list.

You may remember at the beginning of the month, I had some items from past months that weren't complete yet. I powered through and got the contractor I was trying to work with to pull it together. Well, maybe I didn't do much but nag, but it worked!

I was able to cross off the shower fixes and kitchen fixes after a couple of days work (on their part). Shower is currently drying, so I won't know until later this week if it leaks or not. That being said once they took the old door off, they knew right away what had been done incorrectly. *sigh* At least it is done. I really try to stick to my promise to not let things go because we will fix them all anyways if we were ever going to sell the house, so might as well keep up and enjoy things working correctly in the process. Next items are big ticket ones, so I have to go back to my research from a few years ago and get on it. Can't stop progress now!

So while I was having a victory dance while I was crossing things off my year long to do list, I was also stalling. I wanted to go to bootcamp today after taking a whole week off last week, but when I got up, not only was it snowing, but there was an email that our instructor was sick. Back to bed I went - just happy I hadn't gotten dressed before I looked at my phone.

The kids were scheduled to go to camp this morning, but I couldn't pass up a chance for them to play in the snow. We really haven't had snow to speak of - despite all the talk.

The snow play lasted hardly anytime at all interestingly enough, so they were off to camp by mid morning. I had work and a run ahead of me. When I telecommute, I typically get my run in during the late afternoon so I can be done by the time the family gets home at 6. I stalled, and I stalled some more, watching Love it or List it. Which was decidedly stupid as I have a TV in front of the treadmill and didn't have to miss a thing.

At any rate, I decided to do 4 miles or whatever I could accomplish in an hour. Rotten. That is all I can say. I ran the first 3/4 of a mile and was just a mess after that. Not really walking or running, stopping for no good reason. My knee was fine, although my shins were nagging a little. Overall I did about 2.5 and wasn't happy at all.

Not even this could motivate me

I really have come to a place where I doubt my ability to become a consistent runner. And by that I mean someone who can go out, run 3-4 miles without walking and be done. It seems to be a struggle every single time. I am holding myself back and I can't figure out why. What else I can't figure out is why I keep signing up for half marathons. If it weren't for Nike coming up next month, I would be going back to 5k races for sure. Just work on conquering that distance before moving on. As it is, I need to run 11 again this weekend (please get warm already!). Overall just not feeling it. I felt like I needed the break last week, but it messed up what momentum I had and I feel like I am starting all over again. How's that for Debbie Downer on a Monday evening?

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