Thursday, March 14, 2013

Am I Taller?

So getting dressed this morning was somewhat of a challenge. First, it got cold again - boo. Second, my pants are too big. Yea! I certainly am not seeing great progress on the scale I am seeing progress in my body.

Not actually me. 
The funny thing is that I keep hearing people refer to my height. Tall drink of water or Tall and lean. I am about 5'10" and have always been tall, but no one has commented on it like they have lately. I know this means my body is changing for the better. It is hard sometimes when you go day in and day out to notice the small changes. That is why I recommend you measure yourself or have a pair of pants that gauge your progress.

Today was a big day for the kids so no work out, but I did get to boot camp Monday and Tuesday. Day light savings time kicked my butt on Tuesday. I was super close to chugging a soda just to make it through the day! I didn't, but that was more accessibility then willpower! I have family coming into town this weekend, so I need to be a little creative to get my long run in. I am ramping back up because I am running the Marine Corps 17.75 next weekend. How did it come up so fast?! I need to start paying more attention.

Wishing luck to everyone running Rock N Roll DC and the Shamrock Marathon events this weekend. Hopefully the weather will hold. :)

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