Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Just a Few More

Laura finally downloaded her pictures from her phone so I found the picture I took with Dimity and SBS!

If you haven't hooked up with them and their great tribe of Mother Runners, I can't recommend it enough. I remember reading their first book, Run Like a Mother, as I was preparing for my 12 in 2012 goal. I think I got it as a free download or close to free on the Kindle. It has enough humor and contributions from other mothers to give a balanced approach. The best part is the community of runners that frequent their facebook page and now the forums they have on the website. Each week they release a new podcast full of news about their kids and running topics. Just like your running buddy would give you on a run.

One last princess picture before we start turning our focus on the Marine Corps.

I hit up bootcamp this morning and ran 3.1 miles this evening. I bumped up the speed the last mile and felt good. I still have to take breathers on the treadmill, but I am still working towards consistency.

My goal for the week is to get my workouts in and watch my eating. I know the weight will come off if I can just keep the early evening snacking to a low roar. Tonight was just too full of snacks while I waited to get dinner ready. I have a guest coming this weekend, so not sure about my weekend run yet.

Monday - Bootcamp (done)
Tuesday - Bootcamp
Wednesday - Run
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Bootcamp
Saturday or Sunday - Run

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