Thursday, March 21, 2013

Getting a Little Help

During my shirt run/walk yesterday I became greatly concerned about my knee. I struggled to run, even doing intervals. I have a race on Saturday - What?! I know, snuck up on me too! - and I needed to figure out what to do. So I called on my local running group - Mother Run This Town. We have a facebook page where folks post runs, look for advice, show of their shopping spoils and share their race/run stories. Generally gab around the virtual kitchen table.

So I put the call out and the verdict was generally IT Band. I was leaning more towards overuse/runner's knee or tendinitis. (Is that the same thing?) Let's face facts here, I have never been injured, and had no idea what I was talking about. I took a recommendation of one of the ladies to see a chiropractic practice, figuring it would at least eliminate what might be the cause.

I have never been to a chiropractor before and the office was welcoming and casual. I met with the Dr and answered lots of questions about my health. I started to feel a little funny because every time he asked me about pain I said no! I really feel pain only on the inside of my knee in a very specific place. I can probe my knee with my fingers and find what seems like a bump.

He did some modality tests and then hooked me up to a Electronic Stimulator.

Electrical Stimulation: machine transmitting electrical impulses that exercise small and large muscle groups and to stimulate nerve endings.

It felt a little funny, but soon I didn't even notice it. There were 4 pads, two on each side of my knee. At the same time I had an ice pack strapped onto my knee. 

After that he did some adjustments talked to me about stretches I should do, directions for icing and directed me not to run until Saturday. I had already decided if I wasn't feeling it, then I would scratch rather then putting myself on the injured list. This isn't a goal race for me and I am not running it with anyone. So no real high stakes and if I were to DNS (Did Not Start) a race this year, this would be the one. 

The Marine 17.75 already poses a quandary for me due to the automatic spot in the Marine Corps Marathon. This is a huge race in the area and a big goal race for many. 

My plan now is to go pick up my packet tomorrow and go back to the Dr on Friday for another treatment. The crazy thing is that my treated knee feels much better, but my other one seems to be acting up. I think it is just because I am so focused on these joints right now, at least I hope so. 

The evening was spent watching my girl in her 1st grade play and catching up with a friend from college. All good things, but I am just now getting to the icing. I am such a bad patient. 

Hoping spring has come where you are, because it sure hasn't gotten the message here! 

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