Friday, March 22, 2013

A Long Drive - will it be worth it?

I slept in again today. No boot camp. I am taking the advice of the chiro seriously to not do anything but ice and rest. Well not really. I am kind of taking a break. I was so tired at the beginning of the week and it just sort of happened, but I am feeling more refreshed having not done anything at all this week except for walking on Tuesday.

Last night I slept with a little blanket between my knees. It seems silly, but it was so comfy. I iced tonight and will use the biofreeze again. The biggest shock is that I actually wore my sneakers to work today. My knee seems to be feeling better, but I am not going to test it until I need to.

Work was jam packed and in between we celebrated my team mate's upcoming baby. Lunch with the team and Cake! yea!

After a late afternoon conference call, I headed down to Dale City. It is down I-95, which is traffic central about 24 hours a day. I found the running store and bonus - no line!

I wrote to see what the pace requirement is and the answer was 18 minute miles. I can totally do that walking, so worst case, I can get a good workout in! We are still in a cold snap, so hopefully I won't be freezing! 

Marines - Here I come! 

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