Thursday, March 7, 2013

One out of Two Isn't Bad

Well, all I can say is the snow was a big bust. It started out promising. School was cancelled, Governments closed, snow coming down from the sky. However, the weather goddesses weren't cooperating and the temperatures just couldn't come down far enough to keep the snow from being a big slushfest. The kids made it work by sledding and generally run around in the rain/sleet/snow.

Even though my office was technically closed, I had calls scheduled with a vendor, so the show must go on.

I did get a 3 mile run in and bumped up the speed just a notch the last .25 mile. This is my pattern before I move up to a new speed for my weekday runs. Its a slow progress, but I seem to be able to make it work for me so far. Afterwards I took time to stretch. This is so important, but I don't always do it. (see all the entries where I am running up to the minute before I need to go someplace)

After that I decided all was not lost on the arm workout and I went to clear our sidewalks of the remaining slush. It was heavy, but with a corner lot, we get a lot of traffic. I wanted to make sure it was clear so tomorrow it will just be wet rather then iced over.

I now have the kids in bed, a fire in the fireplace and a glass of wine in hand. Relaxation is on deck for me and then some heavenly sleep. 2 more days of this hectic week to get through!

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