Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hello Burke Lake

Saturday was sports day. Opening day for Little League, first soccer game and then baseball game. It was COLD with a game start time of 7 pm. Everyone had great games! I even managed to get the family to help me do some yard work and we are making progress shaking off the winter debris from the yard. We topped off the afternoon with cake to celebrate the birthday party of a young neighbor. Oh how I wish I had more self control.

Sunday was my long run day. I was slated to do 11 miles and didn't have any plans to run with anyone. I needed the motivation, but turns out I am just as bad at scheduling rundates for myself as I am playdates for my kids! I was all motivated to get up early and get going, but the reality of needing sleep was to great.

I got up about 9 and threw on my clothes. It was supposed to be warmer on Sunday, so I dressed in a skirt, short sleeved shirt and a light jacket. I grabbed my phone and shuffle. I was hoping to listen to the Another Mother Runner podcast, which usually published on Saturday night and then move over to my shuffle. Well I had updated my phone a few days ago and couldn't figure out how to get the newest podcast. I didn't want to waste time figuring it out, so off I went.

I drove down to Burke Lake park, where the trail around the park is just under 5 miles. I knew I would have to do some out and back to make up the last mile, but it was worth it for the scenery and the company. Burke Lake always has busy trails of runners, families and bikers. On a Sunday some of the other trails I use can be a little more deserted, and I wanted to be safe and this fit the bill.

I headed out on the trail about 9:30 knowing I had hours before me. This is why I think I may not do a marathon. It isn't the event itself, but the training before hand. I could be out for 4 hours or more to complete a marathon training run! Back to my half marathon training. 11 miles means a little more then 2.5 hours. I started with a run/walk to get myself started. I wanted to warm up slowly and give myself some room to get going. Mentally this run started out hard, so I was trying to ease into it.

who can argue with this beauty?
I eventually got my rhythm and continued to work my way around the lake. I entertained myself with various thoughts, one being to smile at folks I pass. SBS from Another Mother Runner had talked about acknowledging others and smiling during runs. I did my best to greet walkers and runners alike. Some I got responses from, some not. On this trail you inevitably see folks more then once, so I found those that I greeted the first time were more likely to greet me the 2nd or 3rd time around. 

At the end of the first lap I came upon the cutest little girl being carried by her dad. She was looking back over her dad's shoulder, and as I approached I waved and was rewarded with the sweetest smile and wave. That carried me for quite awhile until I managed to trip over a root. My body surged forward almost into a lady walking.(she had no idea what almost hit her). I heard the audible gasp of another girl running in the opposite direction. I managed to pull myself back up with about 12 inches to go before the ground and I connected. After that I focused a little more on the ground then the smiling. 

I also spent quite a bit of time passing and being passed by a couple. They were doing a run walk and he was clearly the one in charge of the clock. At one point I passed and said "me again." she gave me a look of death or desperation, not sure which! I thought about what advice I would give her if I passed again. I think I would have told her to run her own run and not worry about his pace. It was clearly making her miserable and I have had more success slowing down and gaining stamina to run longer. Sometimes the run then slow to walk can be jolting, better to run through. 

Any rate, I finished in about 2:43 with a good attitude and hungry. I have continued to eat ever since. So much for the weight loss I saw over the weekend! Finally some progress! Hopefully I haven't strayed too far as I am typically hungry after my long runs and it does wear off by Tuesday. 

Later in the afternoon we went on a hike with the kids. It was so fun to explore a new area with them. We only went about a mile, but a steep elevation change the whole way. 

We were treated to some great views and even found a river of sorts. Rock skipping and talking to some floating kayakers was a nice break to the hike.

 I wore my compression socks during the hike and it was a good idea I think. I could really feel my legs aching and I think it helped a little bit. I also foam rolled. I have had a few knee twinges, but so far have pretty much ignored them. A great patient, right?

We topped off the weekend with a good dinner and some frozen yogurt! Yea! 

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