Monday, January 4, 2010

Jan 4, 2010- status

ok here goes today.

started the day with a major fail - either I can't set an alarm or I slept through it. Either way, my plan to fit Jillian in before the bus stop was not happening. (to be honest I haven't set an alarm consistently in um like 8 years - yes my oldest child is 8!) Will try this again tomorrow. Working from home, so just have to fit the workout in, not the shower too.

However, I did rush home and get day 2 of the 30 day shred in. I also did about 20 minutes of Wii, including a 10 minute run. Totally don't trust that thing. There is NO WAY I ran over a mile in 10 minutes. I average a 14 minute mile. But hey I jogged for 10 minutes, there is something there. :)

weight 165 - I know I shouldn't weigh in everyday, but really I don't get too upset about an up trend as long as it doesn't last. Overall I am just looking for a downward trend. I haven't revisited calorie counter, or seen what Sparkle people is like, but that is on my list.

Food - did pretty well today. 2 Hershey kisses at work, scary snacking right after my workout while cooking dinner - but really amounted to about 20 almonds, 1/2 piece of banana bread and I think that is it. Feeling a snack coming on now though. Just need to resist. I already had my peanut butter cluster for dessert! Going to get some tea.

total fail on the signing up for classes. They started on Sunday. I think I could still get into Pilate's on Sundays, but really want to take the INOVA class on Mondays. Just have to get DH to agree to do kid duty that day. That class doesn't start until the 25th.

I said I was going to measure my waist today, but haven't done it yet. Since it is so damn cold today, I may just put it off until tomorrow. Snuggling in my quilt with my computer for warmth right now!!

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