Monday, January 25, 2010

I have not gone off the deep end.....not yet anyways.

Last week was really a busy one and that will be a continued story for the next 3 weeks. I was sleeping poorly and going to bed too late last week, as well as, skipping meals and making up for them with bad food decisions over the weekend. Basically I need a reset. Today was pretty good way to start. Ate only what was in my lunch box; yogurt, apple, blueberries, sun chips, eating well frozen meal. Made speghetti squash to go with some yummy fish for dinner. Did Jillian level 2, and 53 minutes of wii - mostly cardio.
I reported 17 miles in the 100 mile challenge last week and my goal is to increase my milage every week. What I achieved was fewer days of working out, but more time and hopefully more intensity to the days I did get it in. I am hoping this week won't be so hard with many fewer plans in the evenings, which allows me flexibility for post work or post bedtime workouts - or both. :)
I did give up my vow to give up soda, but I am still working on having it only every other day and in small amounts. I still have all my nails. After 37 years I can't believe it. I can't get cocky now, but I am having to put the polish on them less and less.
all that being said - time for bed!

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