Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan 9, 2010 - status

I am beat, of course it is almost 11 pm, so that should be expected I imagine. Today was just a mismash for some reason. I ate too many nuts in my passes through the kitchen, but was determined to get my workout in since I took yesterday off. It was delayed until after the kids' bedtime because I actually left the house by myself this afternoon and went to the mall. Unheard of for a few reasons. One, it isn't in my nature to shop.  I am not very good at it and I find I have a lot more money if I don't even try it, unless necessary. Why I was so moved today is a mystery and to make things even stranger I went to the "big" mall in the area. OMG, the traffic was so horrible. I kept thinking, how did I make it through Christmas with NO trips to the mall and now I am here? One garage had absolutely no parking and I was ready to bag the whole thing, when on my way out I decided to try one more place. Got into a space zippylike and hustled into Macy's. I had some sweaters to return, a giftcard to use up and determination. I went through the handbag section about 4 times (I told you I am not good at this) convinced I had missed something. Nothing was calling to me until I found this one bag. Of course no tag, no clue how much it was, although everything was about 50% off. Anyways, the original price was more then I have ever spent on a bag, but with all the returns, discounts (ALWAYS ask at check out if they have a coupon you can use, I got an extra 15%) it was only 30.00 for a 160.00 bag.

Anyways, today - 30 Day Shred day 6, Weight 164.5, eating was grazing like. 200 calories for breakfast, but more then made up for that in snacks. 40 minutes on the Wii. overall not too bad. May make up for the 2 glasses of wine last night.

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